Celtic Myths, the art of Irish lore, is a range of items based on the mythology of Celtic Ireland. Inspired by legends, each item, which includes a descriptive passage, is based on the rich heritage and folklore behind ancient sites and the lore of a forgotten past.

The Art of Irish Lore

Celtic Myths.ie is an exciting range of printed and hand made items based on Illustrations by Margaret McKenna, an artist living and working in Co. Cavan, Ireland. They have been inspired by the Celtic Mythology of Ireland. Divided into several ranges, each item explores the folklore of age old legends through beautiful illustrations influenced by the art of a previous mystical era. 

The Folklore range is filled with stories of The Tuatha de Danann, Fairies and Goddesses, telling the tales of a Celtic Mythology still visible in the ancient sites throughout the Irish countryside. 

The Tree Lore range make perfect birthday gifts as the year is divided into the thirteen-month calendar of Celtic mythology. With each is told the story of the tree and the personality traits of those born under that sign. 

The Fairy Lore range features the rich tradition of Irish fairy folklore, the Sidhe, as each item illustrates Margaret’s visualisation of these mysterious folk. 

The Celtic Celebration Day range is a commemoration of ancient festivals. Samhain, Imbolc, Bealtaine and Lúnasa were central in the mythology of the Irish Celts and perhaps even hark back to a more primeval time. 

Celtic Myths.ie is a forever evolving as new items are added to the abundant legends and stories of ancient Irish Celtic mythology. Enjoy!