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Lúnasa - card
  • Lúnasa - card
  • Lúnasa - card

Lúnasa - card



The Festival of Lúnasa/Lúghnasadh/Lúghnasa was one of the four half quarter day festivals in the ancient Irish/Celtic year. Falling at the beginning of August, it marked the mid-point between the Summer Solstice and the Equinox and was celebrated in remembrance of the God Lugh. As with Bealtaine, it has given its name to the month which followed, Lúnasa being the month of August in the Irish language, as May is Bealtaine. It was a festival associated with time of merriment and games, of arts and matchmaking. Lugh himself was son of Cian of the Tuatha Dé Danann and Ethniú of the Formorians, he was multi talented and often equated with being a Sun God (though this may be a later addition) and said to be father to another hero of our mythology, Cú Chulainn. He is often called Lugh Lámhfhada (long armed), perhaps in reference to his magical spear and he possessed a hound by the name of Failinis. After the death of his Foster Mother, Tailtiu, Lugh held a festival in her honour where she was buried in Tailteann, Co. Meath. Here youths competed in an old Irish version of the Olympics and where music and the arts also flourished. Festivals such as Puck Fair in Kerry, Bilberry Sunday and indeed the climbing of Croagh Patrick, are all said to be remnants of this ancient festival.

Illustration from an original by Margaret McKenna


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