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Liath Macha - card
  • Liath Macha - card
  • Liath Macha - card
  • Liath Macha - card

Liath Macha - card


Liath Macha

Liath Macha and Dub Sainglend were the horses of the mythology hero, Cúchullain. They were said to have come from the mysterious Linn Liaith in the mountains of Sliabhh Fuait and were said to be a gift from Macha of the Morrigan. No one only Cúchullain could tame these horses who remained faithful to him till the end. On the day of his death, Liath Macha refused to be harnessed to the chariot, ignoring the pleas of Láeg, the charioteer and when finally, he gave in to Cúchullain himself, he shed tears of blood.
In the ensuing battle, it had been prophesied that the spear of Lugaid Mac Con Roí would kill three kings. The first struck Láeg, the king of charioteers, the second killed Liath Macha, the King of horses who is said to have returned to Linn Liaith. The third struck Cúchullain a fatal blow. Dub Sainglend, ran away, leaving the fatally injured alone and Cúchullain, wishing to die standing, tied himself to a stone. No one dared approach till the Morrigan, in the form of a crow, finally landed on his shoulder. It is said that Liath Macha returned to kill fifty men with his teeth, and thirty with each of his hooves.

Illustration from an original by Margaret McKenna


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