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The Cailleach of the ages - mug
  • The Cailleach of the ages - mug
  • The Cailleach of the ages - mug

The Cailleach of the ages - mug


The Cailleach of the ages

The Triple Goddess figures in many tales of Irish and Celtic mythology. We see examples such as Ériu, Fodhla and Banba or Morrigan, Badb and Macha (though this later threesome is somewhat inconsistent). These are often considered to be sisters rather than a representation of the passage of life. In this image I have portrayed the development of youth to age, culminating in the wisdom of the Crone or Cailleach at the pinnacle of her power. The Maiden, lighting the sky with energy, transforms to the mother, nurturing her young in the shoots of new growth and finally the Crone. She is dressed in the colours of Autumn, flowing into the earth and enveloping all in her arms of knowledge and wisdom. In a sense this image is a tribute to our wonderful female ancestors, who still surround us, keeping us rooted to the ground, protecting the forever cycle of life.

Illustration from an original by Margaret McKenna


Dimension (L x W x H) 105 x 105 x 115 Millimetre
Weight 350 Gram