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Midir and Etain - card
  • Midir and Etain - card
  • Midir and Etain - card

Midir and Etain - card


Midir and Etain

Midir, son of the God Dagda of the Tuatha Dé Danann, fell in love with Etain and took her to be his second wife. His first wife, Fuamnach, was unhappy and using the magic of the Sidhe (fairies), turned Etain into a butterfly. A storm came and swept her away. She landed at a king’s home and fell into a cup of wine. The king’s wife drank from the cup and swallowed the butterfly. Nine months later, the reincarnation of Etain was born. Eventually she married a king, Eochaid but one day Midir found her, after many, many years of searching. Midir challenged Eochaid to a game of Fidchell (a game like chess), in exchange for Etain. Eochaid’s luck ran out, but he would not honour his bet. Midir, being of the fairy kingdom, used his magic and took Etain by the hand. They disappeared in front of their eyes though it was said that two swans were seen flying in the direction of Brí Leith, (now Ardagh hill), the home of Midir.

Illustration from an original by Margaret McKenna


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Dimension (L x W x H) 148 x 105 x 2 Millimetre
Weight 25 Gram