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Leprechaun - slate coaster

Leprechaun - slate coaster


The Leprechaun

Perhaps the most famous of all Irish fairies is the Leprechaun and one that has been exploited through film and popular media. In truth, the Leprechaun was not prominent in ancient fairy lore of Ireland and although there are references in earlier literature and mythology to Leprechaun type creatures, the image as we see him nowadays is a later interpretation. He (as it is invariably male) is said to be a cobbler, small and usually dressed in green or brown clothes. According to fairy lore, if you see him and avert your eyes for just a moment, he will disappear as he likes to remain solitary. It is also said that the Leprechaun guards a crock of gold but because of his evasiveness, it is unlikely any mortal will have the chance to prove that mystery.

Illustration from an original by Margaret McKenna


Slate coasters
Dimension (L x W x H) 100 x 100 x 0 Millimetre
Weight 125 Gram