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St Brigids Day

Both in Pagan and Christian Ireland, the feast of Brigid is celebrated.
The Goddess Brigid was associated with this time. A Solar Goddess she was daughter of the God Dagda of the Tuatha Dé Danann and was overseer of the Arts, Agriculture and prophecy.
St. Brigid lived in the 400s, a friend to St. Patrick, she is also a patron saint of Ireland. It is said she spread her cloak by an old oak and on that place she had her first church. Cill Dara (small church by the oak) gave the name to county Kildare.
The St. Brigid’s Cross, made from rushes, is a symbol of this ancient saint and was hung over doors for protection. Indeed it is thought this practice may have stretched back to earlier times.  Two women, from different eras and traditions have become intertwined but both were undoubtedly strong and proud.


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The Art of Irish Lore

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