Tree Lore Cards.
Nature and in particular, the majesty of trees, was an integral part of Celtic spirituality. They believed that trees were a source of great wisdom and virtue, each species with its own particular attribute. Indeed, certain trees had its own letter in the ancient Ogham alphabet, formed by notches carved into a standing stone. Together with the relevance of the moon in the thirteen month Celtic year, an astrological calendar was born, combining the Lore of trees with the lunar influence of both new and full moon. In these cards. I’ve drawn on the stories associated with the trees, from Irish folklore to create a unique birthday card. Each card has its own telling of the story of each tree and also the characteristics associated with people born under that particular sign.

Folklore Cards.
These cards narrate the stories and folklore behind many historic sites all over this land. Some deal with legends and myths of ancient Goddesses and tales of Kings while others are based on interesting snippets from history or delve into the mysterious world of the fairy folk. Each card has its own tale to tell and are suitable as greeting cards for any occasion.

Fairy Lore Cards
In Irish folklore, fairies are very different from the small winged creatures of the fairy tales we all know as children. Instead they are considered to be descendants of the Tuatha Dé Danann, a God like race who lived in Ireland long ago but were beaten in battle by the Milesians and condemned to live under the ground where it is said they live to this day. Their name “Aos Sidhe” literally means “People of the mounds”. The mounds referred to are the Raths (ancient dwelling sites and forts) that dot the countryside. It is considered bad luck to interfere with these Raths or lone trees (especially Hawthorns) which are also associated with the fairies. These superstitions have served the countryside well as Ireland has many more surviving early sites than most countries in Europe as even nowadays people are loath to take a chance.

Celtic Celebration Days Cards
In ancient times there were four main festivals to mark the passage of each year, Imbolc (February 1st), marking the beginning of Spring, Bealtaine (May 1st), the start of summer, Lughnasa (August 1st), the first harvest and Samhain (October 31st -November 1st), was the end of summer.