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Animal Lore - book

Animal Lore - book

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Animal Lore

A booklet compilation of all the 13 animals of the Animal lore Celtic Calendar. It includes a description of each card and the potential characteristics of a person born under that sign.
The animal kingdom, Trees and indeed all of nature, played a huge part in early Celtic Ireland. Each animal represented a characteristic or had a spiritual connection, as well as playing major roles in many an Irish legend. Animal astrology echoes that of the tree lore, with each of the 13 Lunar months being assigned a different animal with its own individual attributes
Cover Image: In this painting I use the wolf to represent the animal kingdom, for although the last wolf was killed in Ireland in 1786, before that time, they were so abundant that the country was nicknamed “Wolfland”. Their name in Irish, Mac Tíre, which means son of the countryside, shows how much a part of the land they were. They are also embedded in our ancient culture and myths. The white wings stand for the birds and no better wings than those of a swan, or Éala in Irish, renowned in the legends of the Children of Lir or Aengus and Caer. The river beneath represents the fish and especially the salmon, Bradán in Irish, which ate of the magic Hazel trees of knowledge to become the famous Salmon of Wisdom. .

Illustrated by Margaret McKenna

Dimension (L x W x H) 210 x 148 x 0 Millimetre
Weight 75 Gram