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The Wren - mug
  • The Wren - mug
  • The Wren - mug

The Wren - mug


Jun 10th - Jul 7th

In Irish, the Wren is called a Dreoilín which is thought to come from Draoi Éan or Druid bird. Although in the Celtic Calendar, the tiny Wren represents a summer month, it is more associated with the 26th December, or Wren Day. In earlier times an unfortunate wren was stuck on a pole as young boys went door to door looking for a penny to bury the wren. Nowadays the tradition is still strong, especially in Co. Kerry, except that thankfully no wren is harmed. Throughout history and unfortunately for the wren, its role was unjustly seen as one of traitorous behaviour. The wren took the blame for everything, from the betrayal of St. Stephen to the alerting of the Vikings and Cromwell’s army by the beating his wings on the shields and drums of Irish soldiers. However, it is thought that the condemnation of this little bird may have had more to do with the demonisation of old pagan values. It appears the wren was revered by the Druids who believed it represented the old year and had links to the afterlife and indeed the actual Wren Boy celebrations most likely link to that previous era. There is also evidence that there was devotion to this bird during the Neolithic period, long before the Celtic era. In Irish folklore it is said the Goddess Cliodhna, escaped capture by being transformed into a wren.

Illustrated by Margaret McKenna


Dimension (L x W x H) 105 x 105 x 115 Millimetre
Weight 350 Gram