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The Salmon - card
  • The Salmon - card
  • The Salmon - card

The Salmon - card


Aug 5th - Sep 1st

The Salmon, Bradán in Irish, plays a major role in the life of one of the most famous of Irish Mythological characters, Fionn Mac Cumhall. When Fionn was a young boy, he was sent to the wise man Finnegas. One day, Finnegas went fishing in the Boyne and caught a salmon, but not any ordinary salmon. This fish had eaten of the magical Hazel trees and it gained untold wisdom. Finnegas asked young Fionn to cook the fish but not to eat it. As he cooked the salmon, some fat dripped onto his thumb and burned it. To ease the pain, he sucked his thumb, immediately gaining all the knowledge of the world. When Finnegas realized this, he told Fionn to eat all the salmon and prophesized that he would become a wonderful leader and warrior.
The Salmon Aug 5th – Sept 1st. Tree lore equivalent is the Hazel

illustration from an original by Margaret McKenna


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Dimension (L x W x H) 148 x 105 x 2 Millimetre
Weight 25 Gram