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The Hawk - print
  • The Hawk - print
  • The Hawk - print
  • The Hawk - print
  • The Hawk - print

The Hawk - print

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Nov 25th – Dec 23rd

The Hawk / Falcon, Seabhac / Fabhcún in Irish, include such birds as the common sparrowhawk and the peregrine falcon and many more in between. The main difference between Falcons and Hawks or Eagles is that they kill their prey with their beaks rather than their talons. There is a tale in Irish folklore of Fintan Mac Bochra and the hawk of Achill Island. Fintan, it is said, was the first man to arrive in Ireland and had a lifespan of over five thousand years, during which time he had endured many hardships and had lived as many different animals. One day, he met a hawk who inhabited Achill island and they began to talk. Fintan told him of his life and how he had lost his eye to a hawk when he was a salmon. The hawk revealed that he too, was very ancient and that it was he who had plucked the eye. Fintan told the hawk his whole life story and in return the hawk told his, including how he had witnessed so many human battles and partaken in killing birds of great importance. In the end, the hawk asked Fintan for forgiveness as he was about to die. Fintan did as he was asked and the following day, they died together.
The Hawk / Falcon Nov 25th – Dec 23rd. Tree Lore equivalent is the Elder.

illustration from an original by Margaret McKenna


Dimension (L x W x H) 420 x 297 x 0 Millimetre
Weight 170 Gram

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